Young carers

You may do extra jobs in and around the home, such as cooking, cleaning or helping someone get dressed and move around.

Young carers

Your school may be able to do things like: You may also give Young carers lot of physical help to a brother or sister who's disabled or ill.

We also run workshops to equip them with different skills.

Carers Corner

Volunteering with children and young people - volunteering roles supporting children and young people. But as a young carer, you shouldn't be doing the same things as adult carers.

This assessment is different from the one adult carers have. He is a lot calmer and not in so much trouble at school since you have Young carers helping him. You may do extra jobs in and around the home, such as cooking, cleaning or helping someone get dressed and move around.

If you are finding it hard to keep up with school, university or work, speak with your school or employer about your situation. Speak to other family members - if they live close by, they may be able to help a little more.

Include: Supporting young carers and their families

Other help you can get includes Rent Assistance, the Pharmaceutical Allowance and concession cards. Not only can this be a good way to spend time together but it may also help your friend to understand your situation at home. Youth Allowance is a payment to eligible young people who are studying or looking for a job.

Nor should you be spending a lot of your time caring for someone, as this can get in the way of you doing well at school and doing the same kinds of things as other children or young people. If you need help to continue your education or to stay in the workforce, there are programs that can help.

You may spend time sitting with someone for company or listening to their problems. It is not means-tested. Support groups can be via online or meetings in person. However you feel about being a young carer, always remember that there are people out there you can talk to and get useful information or support from.

Sometimes it helps to know that there are other young carers out there who may think and feel the same way as you do. They provide door-to-door transport in their own car for young carers who would not be able to access groups and other positive activities.

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While everyone is different, lots of young carers have similar experiences and feelings. They can get you involved in group work or activities for young carers and help you meet other people your age in similar situations.

Having care responsibilities can sometimes mean you do not have as much time for study, hanging out with friends or paid work.Eastleigh Young Carers Project offers flexible support for any young person 8 years old within the Eastleigh Borough whose life is significantly affected by caring for a family member, like a parent or a sibling, who has an illness, disability, mental health or substance misuse problem.

Young Carers are children or young people under 18 who look after someone in their family who has an illness, a disability, a mental health problem or a substance misuse problem.

They may be taking on practical and/or emotional caring responsibilities that an adult would normally do. Young Carers. Our Young Carer program supports and nurtures the vital young carers of Western Australia.

When you care for others, we care for you! A "young carer" is a person under the age of 26 who helps to look after a family member with a disability, mental illness, chronic illness, or. Wigan & Leigh Young Carers is a Charity organisation whose purpose is to alleviate the stress placed on young people and their families, whose lives are significantly affected by the impact of caring for a parent, child or relative.

The Charity ensures that we adopt a whole family approach. Young Carers If you are years old and care for, or are affected by, a family member who has a physical or mental illness you are a young carer.

Young Carers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Young Carers Trip Policy. Please note that young carers trips have only a limited number of places and trips are frequently oversubscribed. While these places are offered to young carers free of charge, they have been paid for by Richmond Carers Centre.

Young carers
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