Visible tattoos in the workplace

A person who resembles a lizard or demon could equally frighten a house wife in the Netherlands or tribal native in Uganda. Additionally, it's a similar concern that once tattoos and piercings are allowed it will open "Pandora's Box.

Whether you believe me or not, the fact is that tattoos are a personal consideration and not reflective in the least of the individual who has them. Not every person with tattoos does it for attention or because of low self esteem. Covering tattoos for work, but not other abrasions, cuts and scrapes, creates a double standard.

First, it is a fine line to walk. They have since allowed staff to have visible piercings and visible tattoos in the workplace if it is outside of the clothed area of the current dress code.

Beres4 Employers need to focus more on the work ethic and qualifications of an employee instead of their outward appearance. It's still going to be open for debate. See more info on the positive benefits of allowing staff to have tattoos and piercings.

Religious tattoos can pose even more challenging questions. I have 2 tattoos and 2 piercings, work full time, go to college full time, and own a house and still have tattoos and piercings.

ST Aerospace Mobile Inc. You can still dress to impress, while having tattoos and piercings. People working in different areas of the healthcare field experience varying levels of concern. What if an employee who works directly with customers has a tattoo around his wrist and the company has a policy that prohibits visible tattoos in customer service positions?

You can still dress to impress, while having tattoos and piercings. So if you work in the IT department for example, this should be a relief. Marq Post Your statements alone show you are not interested in anything more than a culture style. To the degree that a company applies an even standard to staff with and without tattoos and piercings, a company will maintain better employee morale.

Politics and religion are among the most "offensive" topics, yet the right to freedom of expression, thought, political affiliation, and religious practices should be protected.

I can assert to this. This article is provided only as general information, which may or may not reflect the most current legal developments or be complete. Ward, heard in the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals, found that employers can impose dress and appearance policies, including regulating tattoo displays, provided the policies are handled in an equitable fashion.

So negative assumptions about what tattoos say about the people who have them are very often misplaced.Every few years there are a flurry of media stories about tattoos in the workplace and these tend to regurgitate the same messages: that tattoos and.

the visible part of the neck, hands or. Even today, though, employers can have policies that prohibit visible tattoos in the workplace. More and more workplaces, however, are relaxing such regulations.

Visible tattoos in the workplace are often thought of as a workplace taboo.

Tattoos in the Workplace: What’s an Employer to Do?

But should SMEs abide by this stereotype, or will it lead to them missing out on talent? Attitudes towards tattoos in the wokplace have changed over the past few decades, and now it's far more common to see a range of professionals with body art and many more that have them in places you'd never see in the office.

Tattoos in the Workplace: The Research Forbes Was Too Lazy To Do

The prevalence of body art in the workplace makes it necessary to understand whether you can regulate the appearance of tattoos in your organization. But more and more women are getting tattoos, some of which are visible, and the same interviewer may have an adverse reaction if a tattoo is visible on a female applicant’s ankle.

In this situation, an employer can be exposed to liability for sex discrimination if the presence of the tattoo. Should tattoos be allowed in the workplace? July 16, by Eugene Feygin in Workplace Culture. 6 minutes 1 share 30 comments. He was fired by his employer for violating their policy that prohibited servers from having visible tattoos.

The server took them to court, citing it as a violation of his rights, and won $, for wrongful.

Visible tattoos in the workplace
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