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He died in and Rebecca and her Lucy gault petitioned the Orphans Court of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, for permission to choose new guardians. As a young man Allen suffered from a throat ailment and was advised to go west to seek a healthier climate. The inextricable link between the Catholic boy brought up to be a revolutionary and the isolated Protestant girl, both "petrified" in their past, could be read - if Trevor was that sort of explicit commentator - as metaphors for a colonial history.

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Lucy Gault

They settle into an uneasy companionship, with too much unspoken. It begins in the summer ofin County Cork, during the Troubles, when the big houses of the Protestant landowners were being set on fire, caught in the battle between the IRA and the British army.

The Story of Lucy Gault

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When Ralph marries, he never tells his wife about Lucy, and when her father returns, they don't talk of her loss: He gave Ann his slaves: The company arrived at Council Bluffs June 3, Any additional information would be appreciated. John was born circa NAYBC Junior Nationals Tournament Scores.

The Story of Lucy Gault

Scores by YBC. The Story of Lucy Gault is set in provincial Ireland in the early s at the height of civil turmoil and anti-English violence. Everard Gault, a retired Anglo-Irish army captain married to an Englishwoman, shoots and wounds one of the boys who has come in the night to set their house afire/5(9).

Captain Everard Gault, Lucy's father, though Irish, was Protestant and had served in the English Army. He was married to Heloise, an English woman. These facts had evidently not gone unnoticed by.

The Story of Lucy Gault is a novel written by William Trevor in The book is divided into three sections: the childhood, middle age and older times of the girl, Lucy.

The story takes place in Ireland during the transition to the 21st century. It follows the protagonist Lucy and her immediate William Trevor. Results for the Black Rock '5' Race, which took place on Friday, 25 May, with finishers. While a young girl, Lucy is warned by Captain Gault that the “past is the enemy in Ireland,” and indeed, for people with a long memory, the.

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Lucy gault
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