How to write a travel blog on facebook

Just schedule your bulk written posts to give a more seamless and consistent view to your readers. We use Convert Kit for our email marketing lists, but there are other companies out there such as MailChimp and Constant Contact. Here are some interesting statistics … 5. Especially important is Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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Third, spam is always an issue on social media and blogs. Make the url as easy as possible to remember: For example, David Risley teach you how to blog fast.

Are you travelling to every country in the world? It might seem a bit weird, but force yourself to read your post aloud to check for wordy bottlenecks or contrived sentences.

Once we realized that in order to become professional bloggers rather than hobby bloggers we needed to create epic, practical, useful content, our mindset and writing style changed and we started seeing traffic to our website. Use relevant hashtags, geo-tag the location, and tag people who are either in the photo or accounts in the region.

More on social media below. Or enhance what you are already doing on your own website with occasional Facebook Notes updates. You can use Aweber or Mailchimp for that; in that way you can inform your readers about the new posts you've made.

List the useful people who provide great insights; these posts become viral quickly. Ideally, ask someone with editing experience to proof your work.

People love free stuff, and taking advantage of that helps you reach new audiences.

101 Blog Content Ideas To Make Your Blog Post “HOT”

But then my trip took over and without someone writing the posts for me, and with me too busy lazing in a hammock, I quickly realised that nothing was getting done.

Check out the social media options before buying the domain: Basically, once you become a successful travel blogger and have a large following, you will be able to promote various destinations to your readers, and receive a salary.

Publish your short story about — words as a unique blog idea, and ask your followers for feedback. Invest In Your Business In order for your travel blog to thrive, you need to invest in it — time, energy and money.

Paragraphs should also be short and sweet.

How to Start a Successful Travel Blog From Scratch

Find a way to stand out: Write a list of hacks that will make your readers say, "Why didn't I ever think of that? SEO is a complex beast! Think outside the box and come up with an idea of your own. This is your business, putting cash back into it is not a negative thing. The writer, under a seriously tight deadline, had done a bang-up job of writing great copy in virtually no time, but he failed to properly check his facts.

Get Google Analytics set up free course here and monitor where your traffic is coming from. Make sure your photos are beautiful.

So, um, what on earth do you do now? Record the conversation and post it for your viewers to see later. Bring Google Analytics data to daylight and it's very nice if you provided some analysis in important points, for example a major change in traffic numbers etc. Use relevant hashtags on Twitter and Instagram, and to get a further reach, tag people who you think would be interested in your post — without being spammy.When you think of visiting a blog and reading a post, the experience is quite similar.

If there is no introduction to the post you’re about to read, you may feel unwelcome and leave. Why? Because the headline promised a wonderful experience, but the start of the post didn’t match up.

What makes the introduction to your blog post irresistible? 1. However, this tutorial still works and you’re welcome to set up a Facebook page for your website or blog if you want!

Did You Know You Can Blog On Facebook?

Creating a Facebook fan page for your blog can be anxiety-inducing, especially if you’re trying to keep your real identity separate from your blogging identity.

6 things to know before you start your travel blog. Blogging is work – If you’re hoping to create a profitable travel blog and/or use your blog to support your travels, you’re going to have to dedicate time and effort to it. You’re going to spend a lot of time in front of your computer.

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How to Write an Awesome Blog Post in 5 Steps

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Did You Know You Can Blog On Facebook?

Facebook Notes is a possible alternative for people that might not have their own dedicated blog or website. If you want to write longer form posts on a social site and engage much more directly with your social media following, this is one approach.

How to write a travel blog on facebook
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