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One day Paul sees Dunny working on a sleight of hand trick that involves flipping a coin between Mary Dempster Dunstan Dunstable Ramsay is the narrator of the story, which takes the form of a letter to the headmaster of Colborne College, where Dunstan works as a history teacher.

Joining the town effort to find her, Ramsay finds her having sex with a tramp later named as Joel Surgeoner. Dunstan writes to him after seeing an article… read full character analysis Minor Characters Mrs.

Dunstan explains that Paul had brought his show to Toronto. Dunstan, a serious, lonely, and contemplative person, cannot forgive himself for his role in this accident.

He spends some two or three years at the front before November 5, when he is injured during the Third Battle at Ypresbut not before he manages to clear a German machine gun nest by shooting three enemy soldiers in the backs of their heads.

The section ends with Dunstan leaving Deptford, though he muses that he 'never wholly left it in the spirit' She has some saint-like qualities and is held in an insane asylum.

Dempster, whose mind appears to have been affected by having been Characters of fifth business in the head. Joel mentions that he considers Mary Dempster a saint, and Dunstan takes this as being all too real, and considers her redemption of Joel to be the first of three miracles she performed the others being the resurrection of Willie, and appearing to Dunstan at Passchendaele.

He devotes much of his life to the study of sainthood, getting a degree in history, and working as a teacher so that he can take advantage of the long summer breaks to travel Europe and study little-known saints. Nonetheless, he never fully loves her. He studies law and plays the stock market, and is well on his way to outstripping even his father's immense accumulations of wealth.

She remembers Amasa praying to God about Mary ruining his life—she remembers that The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance. Diana Marfleet The pretty, romantic nurse with whom Dunstan has a relationship following his coma.

Dunstan meets Paul's entourage's autocrat, Liesl, who physically is extremely ugly, but possesses great intelligence and charm.

Therefore, with a twisted sense of justice, Ramsay himself becomes a contemporary "saint. To his surprise, the show is artistically done, evoking feelings of mystery and wonder. He announces his resignation as minister and decision to live in poverty.

Erik Erikson's stages of psychosocial development can also be seen in the choices Boy makes compared to the choices Dunstan makes e. Amasa Dempster does not press charges against the tramp, who is released and warned never to return to the village.

Ramsay is reluctant to speak about his involvement in the Great War because he admits that as an infantryman he had little idea what was going on and simply did as he was told.

Percy's father retired from his medical practice when the flu epidemic struck and became a very rich man. War changes Ramsay, who returns both scarred and wounded. He is an avid hunter, who maintained appearances even when he lost most of his wealth in the depression.

Willie apparently dies and his younger brother panics.

Fifth Business Questions and Answers

On the way back to town Percy throws a snowball at Dunstan, who jumps aside. Judith Skelton Grant, He often peeks at her while she is undressing, and finds excuses to talk to her.

Dempster explains that she consented as "he was so civil He mocks Dunstan for believing that Willy was brought back from the dead.

What are the characters roles in the novel fifth business? How do they see themselves as?

The most convincing parallel is that Boy becomes the chair of the board of Governors which runs the school at which Ramsay teaches, much as Robertson Davies spent his career at the University of Toronto as the Master of Massey College.

These interests eventually lead to a Characters of fifth business with his mother. It takes emergency situations for them to lend aid to each other, but this is conditional aid based on the assumption that certain moral codes will be preserved regardless of faith.

Dunstan admits his own guilt, and urges Boy to confront his own inner self, but Boy refuses to admit any fault. Libby Doe is a play on the word "libido", borrowed from Latin by Freud to mean the inner impulse-driven part of the psyche.

Dunstan recognizes the man performing card tricks in the circus as Paul Dempster. She convinces him to ghost-write a fictional autobiography of Eisengrim. Ramsay also learns that Amasa Dempster was felled by the flu, that Paul ran away with the circus, and that Mary went insane and was taken away by a relative.

Dempster, and the trauma caused her to go into early labor. When Dunstan decides to leave, she screams, "You don't love me! He is about to give upThe Fifth Business quotes below are all either spoken by Paul Dempster or refer to Paul Dempster.

For each quote, you can also see the other characters and themes related to it (each theme is indicated by its own dot and icon, like this one. Get an answer for 'What are the characters roles in the novel fifth business?

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Fifth Business is a novel by Canadian writer Robertson Davies. It is the first installment of the Deptford Trilogy and explores the life of the narrator, Dunstan Ramsay. It is Davies' best-known novel [1] and has been ranked as his finest. The Hero Hero's in Fifth Business Mrs.

Dempster The Loner Is an individual who is on their own because of rejection from society or a. Liesl appears only near the end of Fifth Business but she plays an important role in the novel and affects the end of the novel, where she brings out the conscious part of Dunstan’s personality.

Liesl knows that Dunstan is a hagiographer, and she praises Dunstan to draw confidences out of him, “she was a woman who could draw our confidences.

Characters of fifth business
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