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Intertwine them and arrange for a grand finale where everything is finally clear. You can touch a few cognate stories in one piece of writing. Scales and chords in different orchestral groups descend at different and slowing rates of speed, creating myriad sound combinations.

Use it to your best advantage and become a voice of other people in the same situation. This place of nature is filled with sunshine and childhood memories. It becomes ugly and inaccurate because our thoughts are foolish, but the slovenliness of our language makes it easier for us to have foolish thoughts.

The potential writers have to prove they can present their knowledge in a correct and compelling form. There is a long list of flyblown metaphors which could similarly be got rid of if enough people would interest themselves in the job; and it should also be possible to laugh the not un- formation out of existence 3to reduce the amount of Latin and Greek in the average sentence, to drive out foreign phrases and strayed scientific words, and, in general, to make pretentiousness unfashionable.

Heyman lists eighty-eight stand-alone songs. I think the common thread is that they evoke the feelings we have when we lose what we love. Characteristic phrases are render inoperative, militate against, make contact with, be subjected to, give rise to, give grounds for, have the effect of, play a leading part role in, make itself felt, take effect, exhibit a tendency to, serve the purpose of, etc.

This was a core conflict for Barber: Simple conjunctions and prepositions are replaced by such phrases as with respect to, having regard to, the fact that, by dint of, in view of, in the interests of, on the hypothesis that; and the ends of sentences are saved by anticlimax by such resounding commonplaces as greatly to be desired, cannot be left out of account, a development to be expected in the near future, deserving of serious consideration, brought to a satisfactory conclusion, and so on and so forth.

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At the institute, Barber met two profoundly influential musicians, one young, the other much older: The reader wants a bold writer: Again, the music provided an out.

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Mary Ruefle takes on this basic human emotion with flair. Then scavenge through the fields of data, and pull out the golden bits that will let your prose shine.

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